COVID-19 Update

by Liberty Electronics

As noted previously, Liberty Electronics has remained open as an essential business. We are under Federal mandate to work on all Department of Defense related contracts according to the rating systems priorities.

Average labor availability for the current week has been slightly below normal expectations. The coming weeks and months may see increased variation in the availability of labor and materials as the pandemic infection rates change and the overlap with cold and flu season.

Where possible we are planning for lower availabilities in our capacity planning in an effort to make commitments to you that are dependable. As we do this our lead times may be extended by a few weeks on new commitments more than usual during this unprecedented event.

We continue all possible mitigation efforts from multiple temperature screens to enhanced cleaning protocols, to 100% mask requirements and barriers/social distancing. All quarantine issues to date have been outside of Liberty exposures.

Most overhead positions are still either working from home or on a rotation.

We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.

Liberty Electronics Announces Purchase of State-Of-The-Art Production Facility in Pennsylvania

by Liberty Electronics

FRANKLIN, PA, OCT 28, 2020 – Liberty Electronics is pleased to announce the purchase of an additional state-of-the-art production facility in Franklin, PA.  This facility had been leased by Liberty previously, but the purchase includes 56 acres to support future expansion plans.  The purchase has also enabled Liberty to invest in a significant upgrade to the facility’s insulation and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

The purchase of this new production facility and the additional property positions Liberty to better serve our customers and to support their growth.  The purchase is also part of a strategy to support US customers that are transitioning from offshore to domestic suppliers.

COVID-19 Update

by Liberty Electronics

As noted previously, Liberty Electronics has remained open as an essential business.

We are under Federal mandate to work on all Department of Defense related contracts according to the rating systems priorities.

While stay at home orders are in effect in places around the globe, we continue to engage with the supply chain to maximize material availability of parts & services. Component suppliers in India, for example, are still subject to closures while some operations based in Mexico are now resuming activities at a reduced level. Per our previous update Liberty has already invested significantly in material inventory to help offset any delays that might be caused by these manufacturing disruptions.  Of course this is still a developing situation which could change rapidly without notice.

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Please, Put Your Mask On Before Helping Others

by Liberty Electronics

As our world continues to navigate the COVID-19 health crisis, countries’ efforts to quarantine and isolate are taking effect to protect their citizens. We are seeing the curve begin to flatten in countries, with some reopening with no signs of the virus altogether. Mask Distribution 300x300 | Please, Put Your Mask On Before Helping Others, Liberty Electronics®

The United States continues to make health decisions state by state, with many working from home and only certain businesses reopening. Essential workers remain working in their workspaces. Just as every citizen is advised by the CDC to wear proper face covering in public, essential workers in Pennsylvania are mandated to wear proper face masks to help provide another germ barrier on top of social distancing. As this mandate came rather quickly, many companies are still working to obtain proper masks, with many employees having to make-do with fabric such as scarves or other fabric material. On the other hand, some companies with proper equipment were able to take advantage of their industrial machinery to fabricate face coverings for their employees.

A phrase that has become familiar to those that are accustomed to air travel, “Please, put your own mask on before helping others,” has become deeply personal and significantly more meaningful to our society today. It represents the idea that in order for us to be the best and most effective that we can be in helping others, we must not lose sight of the importance of caring for ourselves and those that are in our most direct lines of responsibility. By endeavoring to provide PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to our employees, where none is readily available for purchase during this critical time, the engineering team at Liberty has endeavored to ‘re-tool’ and ‘re-purpose’ resources and materials to help meet the need.

Just like our engineers utilized 3D printers to create the “Sneeze Guard” to wrap around our receptionist’s desk in the main lobby, our engineers also utilized their design skills to manufacture individual face guards for employees. These face guards and hat clips mitigate the risk of germs spreading between employees as they work on assemblies.Mask Application 300x300 | Please, Put Your Mask On Before Helping Others, Liberty Electronics®

The company arranged engineer Sheila Nettles’ schedule so she could sew handmade face masks for employees from home. While the company waited for masks to be ready, our engineers used the Stratasys Fortus 380MC and 450MC to create 80 face shields and hat clips, which were originally distributed to one specific company location and have expanded as required from there.

The two-step process was performed in just one weekend to produce the majority of the face shields components required. With both industrial machines running almost non-stop for nearly 48 hours, it was nearly continual production process.

The process consists of placing a clear material in the machine to use as a foundation for the masks. The material would be printed on until all surface area was used up. Engineers then take .020 polycarbonate sheets and repurpose them for the shields rather than relying on the availability of stock material. At the time of production, that specific material was not available for distribution anywhere from Pennsylvania to Michigan.

The actual shields themselves look like a curved piece of polycarbonate glass that covers the whole face—adding an extra barrier to the face and face mask. The top of the shield has an elastic band to wrap around the head. Engineers even made a version with clips to clip to a baseball cap for those who work with hats on their heads.

In the meantime, Liberty has also offered these services to other companies in the Pittsburgh region to aid in the safety and health efforts during this time.

With diligence and effort, we can sometimes find the materials are often right under our noses to create something unique and innovative. During this time where citizens everywhere are taking this health crisis day by day, it is gratifying to use our passions and talents to help better the situation.

Keeping Employees Safe with 3D Printing

by Liberty Electronics

During this historical period of time where the world is experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses everywhere are responding with necessary measures and precautions. Stopping the spread cannot be done through maintaining the normal day-to-day functions.

As social gathering has been put to an end for the time being, and humans find solace and protection in home isolation and washing hands, many essential businesses must remain open and are looking for the best possible ways to protect their employees and maintain good health while getting the job done.

As an essential business, throughout the past several weeks, Liberty Electronics has taken numerous measures to ensure its employees are safe and healthy during this time. In accordance with the orders from the Pennsylvania Governor and United States President, Liberty sent as many associates as possible home to Telework per the company business continuity plan.

Liberty monitors the facilities and production floors to ensure there is proper social distancing, partitions are set up, and sanitization is in constant practice. In addition, offices have been split in order to allow social distancing and quarantine.

6d33a8ce dd50 4701 90b8 758629ce6c63 | Keeping Employees Safe with 3D Printing, Liberty Electronics®

COVID-19 is a moment in history that no human being has experienced before. It is a constantly evolving global situation that requires monitoring and individual business adjustments. It also presents an opportunity for manufacturing companies in particular to use their engineering abilities to design products in support of these isolation and sanitization efforts. Many companies that had to postpone their current practices have even flipped their businesses to create products that can aid hospitals and citizens during this health crisis.

As Liberty has offered its abilities to contribute to the prevention efforts of this crisis, Liberty has also looked for ways that 3D printing can prevent the spread of germs and reduce the risk of infection in-house.

sneeze guard liberty electronics | Keeping Employees Safe with 3D Printing, Liberty Electronics®One of the priorities was to protect the receptionist, as she is the first person to interact with any person that comes in and out of the building. To create a barrier between these human interactions, the manufacturing engineers built what they’ve coined a “Sneeze Guard!” This consists of two long sheets of 1/8-inch thick polycarbonate glass.

They then designed 3D brackets and clips, which they placed in a 3D printer—the Stratasys Fortus 450mc in Dark Gray ASA with heat-imbedded threaded inserts for support. The brackets and clips ran for 30 hours, with an additional hour for post-processing and assembly.

The clips tightly secure to the front desk in the Liberty main lobby, providing enough stability and support to hold the polycarbonate sheets upright. In addition, the glass is tall enough and wraps around both sides in order to provide a secure barrier behind the desk.

In addition to this custom Sneeze Barrier, Liberty has also 3D-printed face shields for the employees who are still working in-office. They even printed clips to be attached to ball caps so those wearing hats can still wear the face shields.

It truly is amazing to see what solutions 3D printing can provide towards the efforts to maintain safety and good health during this unique COVID-19 health crisis. Even more astounding is the ability to have these parts created and finished by the next business day. As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. A crisis like COVID-19 demands creative and innovative solutions like never before.


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Open Lobby Night for Manufacturing

by Liberty Electronics


Liberty Electronics to Host Open Lobby Night for Manufacturing Day on October 4th, 2019 for the local community

Franklin, PA — Liberty Electronics, a manufacturer of electronic wiring harnesses, cable, cabinet, panel and electromechanical assemblies, will be celebrating Manufacturing Day 2019 by hosting an event at their facility. The open lobby night will be held on October 4th, 2010 from 2:00 to 6:00pm at 190 Howard Street in Franklin. Liberty welcomes the community to stop in and see what they do as well as talk about career opportunities. “Sometimes people express surprise at the capabilities they find when they first visit Liberty”, explains Scott J. Anderson, Director of Business Development. “Some comment on the level of technology used and some about our products supporting such critical systems in the aerospace, transportation, nuclear and defense markets. Some are also pleasantly surprised to learn about the flexible work schedules, profit sharing and employee stock ownership plans, and the excellent healthcare coverage that the company offers. We’re happy to be able to invite people in for Manufacturing Day and hope to see you there”.

Visitors will get to see a 3D printer in action as well as learn more about the company and what they offer. Employment applications will be available for interested candidates. Snacks will be provided.

Manufacturing Day is an annual national event executed at the local level supported by thousands of manufacturers as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses, plant tours and presentations designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

Liberty Electronics provides electrical cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and box builds for demanding defense and commercial OEM’s looking to grow their business by teaming with a competent outsourcing partner committed to success. For more information visit

Liberty Electronics Becomes a HUBZone Certified Small Business

by Liberty Electronics

As of June 15, Liberty Electronics became certified as a HUBZone Small Business Concern. The HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) program is offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The program seeks to promote small business growth in distressed areas by increasing employment opportunities and investing in economic development.

Liberty’s participation in the program allows for preferential consideration during government contract processes compared to businesses in full and open competition.

“We are appreciative of the potential opportunities associated with the HUBZone Small Business Concern Certification. Our participation in this program allows us to continue supplying the best quality products for our current clients and develop mutually beneficial relationships with new clients,” Liberty Electronics CEO John Dumot said.

“Not only will our classification as a HUBZone Small Business Concern help our business relationships, but will also allow us to continue supporting the local community and aiding the economy of Franklin and the surrounding area,” Liberty Electronics Director of Quality Assurance and Human Resources Marc McGill said.

Liberty qualified for the program as a small business in a HUBZone with over 35 percent of its employees living within the defined underutilized zone.

Liberty Electronics has been specializing in manufacturing electronic wiring harnesses and cable, cabinet, panel and electro-mechanical assemblies since 1985. Complying with stringent military and commercial practice requirements for electronic assembly, Liberty consistently satisfies customers with a track record of program cost savings and reliability improvement solutions. Liberty serves the rail/transportation, defense, aerospace and commercial varying industries.


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