by Liberty Electronics Liberty Electronics

As noted previously, Liberty Electronics has remained open as an essential business.

We are under Federal mandate to work on all Department of Defense related contracts according to the rating systems priorities.

While stay at home orders are in effect in places around the globe, we continue to engage with the supply chain to maximize material availability of parts & services. Component suppliers in India, for example, are still subject to closures while some operations based in Mexico are now resuming activities at a reduced level. Per our previous update Liberty has already invested significantly in material inventory to help offset any delays that might be caused by these manufacturing disruptions.  Of course this is still a developing situation which could change rapidly without notice.

Average labor availability for the current week has been slightly below normal expectations. Next week is expected to be essentially at normal levels.

All overhead positions are still either working from home or on a rotation.

We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.