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As of June 15, Liberty Electronics became certified as a HUBZone Small Business Concern. The HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) program is offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The program seeks to promote small business growth in distressed areas by increasing employment opportunities and investing in economic development.

Liberty’s participation in the program allows for preferential consideration during government contract processes compared to businesses in full and open competition.

“We are appreciative of the potential opportunities associated with the HUBZone Small Business Concern Certification. Our participation in this program allows us to continue supplying the best quality products for our current clients and develop mutually beneficial relationships with new clients,” Liberty Electronics CEO John Dumot said.

“Not only will our classification as a HUBZone Small Business Concern help our business relationships, but will also allow us to continue supporting the local community and aiding the economy of Franklin and the surrounding area,” Liberty Electronics Director of Quality Assurance and Human Resources Marc McGill said.

Liberty qualified for the program as a small business in a HUBZone with over 35 percent of its employees living within the defined underutilized zone.

Liberty Electronics has been specializing in manufacturing electronic wiring harnesses and cable, cabinet, panel and electro-mechanical assemblies since 1985. Complying with stringent military and commercial practice requirements for electronic assembly, Liberty consistently satisfies customers with a track record of program cost savings and reliability improvement solutions. Liberty serves the rail/transportation, defense, aerospace and commercial varying industries.


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