by Liberty Electronics Liberty Electronics

As noted previously, Liberty Electronics has remained open as an essential business. We are under Federal mandate to work on all Department of Defense related contracts according to the rating systems priorities.

Average labor availability for the current week has been slightly below normal expectations. The coming weeks and months may see increased variation in the availability of labor and materials as the pandemic infection rates change and the overlap with cold and flu season.

Where possible we are planning for lower availabilities in our capacity planning in an effort to make commitments to you that are dependable. As we do this our lead times may be extended by a few weeks on new commitments more than usual during this unprecedented event.

We continue all possible mitigation efforts from multiple temperature screens to enhanced cleaning protocols, to 100% mask requirements and barriers/social distancing. All quarantine issues to date have been outside of Liberty exposures.

Most overhead positions are still either working from home or on a rotation.

We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.