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How Overmolding Can Help Wires Last Longer and Perform Better

Wires frequently become strained especially when used in different temperatures and conditions. But there is a solution that can help prevent wear and lengthen the life of your wires and cables – overmolding. Molding and insulation are necessary to protect wires from wear and tear, creating a longer-lasting product that performs better. Overmolding is one way to fix wiring wear-outs, and the result is known for its strength and resiliency.

Liberty Electronics® offers three types of molding, each with a different level of protection: cast molding, press molding and overmolding. Overmolding is the final step in molding and insulation for wiring and can be used in nearly every industry and application to withstand the rigors of the most demanding environments.

Cast Molding and Press Molding

Cast molding uses a custom-designed mold to provide the wiring harness with specific dimensions. It also allows the product to fit within the space and shape you require.
Press molding provides a specific physical barrier but can also be used to give substance to smaller wiring assemblies. This assembly is more robust and conducive to handling and gains some strain relief between the electrical connector and cable bundle.

Benefits of Overmolding

Overmolding offers high levels of electrical protection for the cable assemblies and wiring harnesses by providing an additional layer of insulation. This type of molding combines wires and connectors into one piece, often covering slide or machine braiding as the final step of protection for the wiring. The design process places the components within a mold and covers them with a hot liquid plastic material via injection. Once cool, the final product protects the connection of the underlying wires and connectors.

The benefits of an overmolded cable assembly include:

  • Increasing the flex strength, especially where the cable exits.
  • Improving the level of protection against outside forces like temperature swings and rubbing.
  • Creating a water-tight seal for the cable assembly connection that resists oil and moisture.

Overmolding provides an electrical barrier while orienting the connector and providing dimensional parameters. Ultimately, this makes wiring last longer and perform better than without additional protection.

Materials Used in Moldings

Different types of molding utilize various materials based on the needs of the specific assembly, depending on the product’s design and factors such as the environment where the product will be used. Three types of materials often used include:

    • Viton, a robust and chemical-resistant yet flexible material, making it excellent for military applications such as rocket motors.
    • Epoxies, which are utilized in cast molding due to their rigidity and durability and are ideal for connectors and adding substance to cable assemblies.
    • Polyurethane, a biologically resistant material to environmental agents such as water or microorganisms. This material is used for molding in transit, military and commercial applications.

Molding and insulation offer optimal protection and performance for wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. By shielding internal components and enhancing protective qualities, overmolding is ideal for equipment requiring frequent flexing and that must perform in harsh conditions and extreme weather.

Partnering for Successful Overmolding Solutions

We can partner with you on overmolded assemblies and harnesses to help find the right solutions for your upcoming products or programs. As a relationship-based business, partnerships with us result in more success, better performance and a higher quality standard.

With over 35 years of leadership in our field, we specialize in supporting aerospace, defense, rail, transportation and nuclear energy industries by providing products including:

      • Electronic wiring harnesses
      • Box builds
      • Electrical cable assemblies
      • Electrical cabinet assemblies
      • Electrical panel assemblies
      • Electromechanical assemblies

In addition to our dedication to success, quality service and on-time delivery, we’re a relationship-first business that values cooperation over competition. To partner with a supplier who works with you, contact us on our website or via email about working together.