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No matter how precise a tool may be, it still needs to be honed, recalibrated, and reevaluated in order to stay in prime condition and do its job correctly. This is no different for a workforce. No matter how knowledgeable or skilled an employee may be, there are always ways for the employee to refresh their knowledge. Continuous training to keep the workforce up to date on all its processes produces a workplace culture which is centered on preparedness and reliability.

Employees in each department are continuously trained in the best practices and standards for their jobs. This includes ongoing coursework, yearly training and recertification courses, and special classes. The goal is to produce a workforce that is abreast of industry standards and trends,and equipped for the next project.

Liberty’s engineers, for example, regularly undergo training on the newest versions of their computer software. Because the software changes (sometimes year to year), regular training allows everyone in the department to be equipped with the same information, to know what the expectations are, and to be knowledgeable about how the software works. This helps the department as a whole be on the same page.

Another example of Liberty staying current comes from the production floor, where personnel must be recertified annually for the individual specializations for which they carry credentials. Employees performing soldering operations, for example, must renew their certifications, and therefore must stay up to date on the workmanship standards for their discipline.

It is important to train a workforce that is prepared for all the standards and expectations they will experience, not only in daily work but in the unique projects that may come their way. Continuous training helps employees stay versatile and prepared. It also contributes to a company culture in which personnel are not simply current, but ready to meet each challenge. Honing employees’ skills equips everyone in the company to expertly and safely work together to get the job done.

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