COVID-19 Update

By Scott Anderson on Apr 17, 2020 2:13:36 PM

Liberty Electronics is continuing to operate. We are categorized as an essential business, and we are under Federal mandate to work on all Department of Defense related contracts according to the rating systems priorities. Other customers are still open and requiring products as well.

The safety of our employees is extremely important to us. We have been monitoring government recommendations and best practices and implementing them at our facilities. A partial list includes:

  • Following CDC guidelines for businesses
  • All employees not required to be on-site for their job are working remotely. Support departments that need to be on-site are on a rotation.
  • Cancelled business travel
  • Not allowing visitors unless business critical and only after answering a questionnaire for travel and symptoms
  • Social distancing of 6 ft wherever possible and barriers around workstations as needed
  • Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces multiple times daily
  • Staggering break and lunch times to allow cleaning of break rooms between groups.
  • Posted guidelines for hand washing and hygiene per CDC recommendations
  • Added a policy for sanitizing workstations and tools at a minimum daily with materials provided to do so.
  • Instructed employees to stay home if sick or if they or members of household are symptomatic, quarantined by their doctor, or were being tested and to notify HR
  • Implementing a mandatory face mask requirement at LEI facilities

We are continuing to engage with the supply chain to maximize material availability. We are seeing some component manufacturers temporarily close or reduce operations. We are taking steps to mitigate this by buying additional inventory from authorized distributors to bridge gaps where possible.

Average labor availability has been slightly below normal expectations. We are working overtime and have instituted an hourly premium bonus for manufacturing and manufacturing support functions that are required to work on site.

We will continue to provide information as it becomes available.


Author: Scott Anderson

Mr. Anderson joined Liberty Electronics as Manager of Engineering in July of 1999. In 2010 he was appointed Director of Business Development. He previously worked as a project engineer at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft and at Joy Mining Machinery. At Joy, Scott went on to manage international projects including quality improvement initiatives, computer system implementations, and new product development programs.
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