More Than a Workplace: How Liberty Equips the Next Generation for Careers in STEM

By Scott Anderson on 15 May, 2019


One way a company can support its community is by offering educational and employment opportunities to the members of the community, especially students. This is particularly true for companies, like Liberty Electronics, in the STEM field. By engaging with the community, the company can educate students about the field and equip them with opportunities for the future. Larger companies, such as Lockheed Martin, do this regularly. Liberty, though located in a smaller community, still offers valuable resources to the area through career, STEM, and mentorship programs to reach students and potential employees.

One way Liberty interacts with the community is through career days at local high schools and colleges. Liberty employees attend these career fairs and talk to students about engineering and manufacturing. This not only offers the student information on a career he or she may be interested in, whether before or after college, but it also serves to familiarize the community with the industry and spreads awareness of STEM opportunities within the area.

Liberty also participates in student mentorship programs, where company employees partner with educators to bring various career opportunities to students. Connecting with teachers and guidance counselors allows those educators to be knowledgeable about STEM jobs in the area, and allows for the arrangement of job shadowing or internship opportunities for interested students. Many current Liberty employees first heard about the company through these connections.

Liberty employees have also mentored students in various school clubs and programs, most notably a local robotics program which went on to compete at the state level. By working closely with schools in the community, companies like Liberty offer hands-on practical education to the next generation, while helping educators stay up to date on the industries in the community.

 Participating in community outreach through education reaps several benefits: it encourages educators and students to pursue opportunities in STEM fields, and it provides insight for the young people entering the workforce, offering them opportunities they might not otherwise have. It also allows companies like Liberty to serve the community in a greater capacity, helping to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

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Topics: Company News, Company Culture

Author: Scott Anderson

Mr. Anderson joined Liberty Electronics as Manager of Engineering in July of 1999. In 2010 he was appointed Director of Business Development. He previously worked as a project engineer at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft and at Joy Mining Machinery. At Joy, Scott went on to manage international projects including quality improvement initiatives, computer system implementations, and new product development programs.
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